Vive la France!

The Citroën DS3 is quite a polarising car, but here at Viridian Performance we think they’re pretty cool. The Sport model adds extra flair with just the right amount of performance, looks and that typical French quirkiness. Oui!

This little Citroën DS3 Sport benefited greatly from a custom ECU tune. 112kw/240nm standard to 142kw/310nm tuned on our stage 1 file. While we are able to get a bit more out of these, the early 150thp engine is known to have issues and be fairly vulnerable so we kept it on the safe side, which suited the owner perfectly as he didn’t want an all out powerhouse.

Here are the results:

– 30kw/70nm gains
– 27% power/29% torque gains
– 10-15% better fuel economy.

Ooh la la!

Did you know?
The Citroën factory began in 1915 by building armaments for the French Army during the World War I. However, as the war ended, founder André-Gustave Citroën drew on his passion and experience in the automotive industry and in 1919, the Type A became the first Citroën car to roll off the production line.

Get the most out of your Lexus EX20 IS250!

The Lexus IS range is renowned for its smooth drivability and better than average build quality. While the IS is a common luxury model, it isn’t really known for its performance.  We took this tidy EX20 IS250 and shattered that misconception.

Lexus IS250 Shift Plus
To get more out of this car, we installed an RD Technik Shift Plus engine and transmission tuning module and TPS throttle controller. The Shift Plus tuning module works through the OBD port and provides firmer, faster and smoother gear shifts. This unique tuning software method also releases more power and torque through the gearbox and engine.
How much more power you ask? With this car we gained 15hp (11kw) and 11% power and torque at the wheels on this dyno!
Lexus IS250 Shift Plus
That’s not to mention the impressive gains in the more usable rev range. Power and torque not only come on earlier and harder but also smoother, making this a great modification. It will also adapt further over the next few hundred kilometres and will only get better.
Lexus IS250 Shift Plus
Another great feature of the Shift Plus product is that it’s virtually undetectable when scanned by the dealer so you can install it once without losing any sleep come service or repair time. However, if you do suspect that your car has undergone a major software update, all is not lost! You can just reflash the Shift Plus unit back on again. It can also easily be reverted back to standard too.

Because these are a model specific universal item we get asked if the unit can be used on other cars of the same/similar model after the file is uploaded. The answer is no, as the unit is VIN locked to the first vehicle that it’s used on.

The feedback from the owner is that the Shift Plus coupled with the TPS adjustable accelerator module really brings this car alive, they couldn’t believe the difference!

If you’re looking to get more out of your Lexus, don’t wait! Get in contact with us!

Did you know? Since 2003, the 2.5L V6 (4GR-FSE) engine has been used in many Lexus/Toyota models!

Audi A5 B8 – How we achieved 70% power and 56% torque gains with 20% better fuel economy!

We can probably all agree that the Audi A5 B8 platform is already a pretty nice vehicle straight from the factory, right?

However, while the standard performance figures are quite acceptable for most owners, here at Viridian Performance we can greatly improve them, quickly, easily and economically!

Take a look at this mechanically standard Audi A5 Sportback. We installed a custom RD Technik ECU and transmission tune to bring this car to life.

Audi A5Audi A5







Petrol EA888 2.0tfsi front wheel drive model Multitronic (CVT) gearbox

(Factory Audi figures) 132kw/320nm 0 – 100 8.1 seconds

224kw/500nm 0 – 100 6.8 seconds 10 – 20% better fuel economy

Audi A5

Audi A5


Using our customised tuning capabilities we were able to enhance the car well beyond the OEM Quattro model figures of 155kw/350nm!

Plus, the new 0 – 100 time was achieved without launch control and on old tyres which caused wheel spin through the 30km/h to 70km/h range. It’s like a completely different car in sport or manual mode, and the simulated gear shifts are now incredibly fast and smooth!

Understandably, the owner absolutely loves the car now and can’t get enough of the power and fuel economy!