Viridian Performance black car


I wanted more economy and performance out of my Golf MK6 GTI. The team at Viridian Performance were great to deal with; they understood what I wanted to achieve and helped me get the most out of my car with a tune and exhaust. I’d recommend them to any car lover.
– Mark, Epping, Victoria.

I engaged Kris from Viridian Performance to tune my M3 E93 4 litre V8 convertible, which already has an Akrapovic exhaust from the cat back, and a K&N high performance flow air filter.
Kris actually came to my place to tune my car, which was very convenient. After it had been tuned I took it for a test drive straightaway and wow what a difference in response and acceleration! Even the exhaust note was crisper.
Now a year down the track the car even seems to be quicker.
Having had plenty of powerful vehicles and being an ex Gasser drag racer, tuning was always fiddly. But to have an electronic tune done so easily, with careful attention to your needs and at a reasonable price was fantastic.
I would recommend Viridian Performance to anyone who wants more power, torque and response.
What a great experience! Well done Kris and thanks again!
– Peter, Beechworth, Victoria.

I’ve had gearbox issues with my Holden Cruze SriV since I purchased it brand new. Gear changes were jerky and slippy, and there was a power lag when I’d accelerate. Despite many attempts by Holden over the years to rectify these issues, including replacing the entire transmission, nothing really helped. I contacted Viridian Performance who were able to recommend their Transmission Tuning Box. The TT Box has transformed my car, and I didn’t have to leave my car at the dealer for days on end to get it sorted. It’s a much smoother ride, gear changes are now unnoticeable especially in the lower range. And the car feels faster in every mode. Plus it was super easy for me to install, took less than a minute.
If you’re looking to improve the performance of your car I recommend VP. Great products, and great service.
– Len, Point Cook, Victoria.