Vive la France!

The Citroën DS3 is quite a polarising car, but here at Viridian Performance we think they’re pretty cool. The Sport model adds extra flair with just the right amount of performance, looks and that typical French quirkiness. Oui!

This little Citroën DS3 Sport benefited greatly from a custom ECU tune. 112kw/240nm standard to 142kw/310nm tuned on our stage 1 file. While we are able to get a bit more out of these, the early 150thp engine is known to have issues and be fairly vulnerable so we kept it on the safe side, which suited the owner perfectly as he didn’t want an all out powerhouse.

Here are the results:

– 30kw/70nm gains
– 27% power/29% torque gains
– 10-15% better fuel economy.

Ooh la la!

Did you know?
The Citroën factory began in 1915 by building armaments for the French Army during the World War I. However, as the war ended, founder André-Gustave Citroën drew on his passion and experience in the automotive industry and in 1919, the Type A became the first Citroën car to roll off the production line.